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True Adventures- Devika Rangachari, Kekla Magoon

These great novellas from Pushkin Press are action packed recounts of real life historical events, but told from a different perspective to what we may have previously encountered, and that's a good thing! I can't wait to share these with pupils, who will love these action packed tales, I'm certain.

Fun, fast, factual - I almost found these addictive in nature, desperate to know more about these exciting new figures, and I particularly loved the fact pages at the end that added detail and dates to the events that were described in the stories, along with the lively and attractive illustrations.

Published by Pushkin Press (thank you for my review copies!) - find out more about the series at: True Adventures | Pushkin Press

See a trailer for the series here:

Kekla Magoon is on Twitter as @KeklaMagoon, and her website is

Review by Rich Simpson (Twitter and Instagram @richreadalot) February 2021

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