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21% Monster Serpent Strike - P.J. Canning

For once, 21% monster teenage-boy Darren Devlin thinks he has the upper hand over Xastris, the secret organisation that transformed him into a genetically-modified superhuman. Since joining forces with 19% alien boy Marek Masters, 17% sabre-tooth polar-bear Aurora Valero, and now 16% alien girl Genie, Darren has never been in a stronger position...but neither have Xastris.

For they are planning an attack on the world's greatest superpowers, with the fate of millions at

stake. Can Darren and the team intercept Operation Serpent Strike...or will Xastris land their deadliest bite yet?

BLOGTOUR EXCLUSIVE: An extract from the book! (thanks to Usborne and Kaleidoscopic Tours for the copy of the book to review and the spot on the blogtour)

I love this series - for me it's a throwback to the sci-fi I loved in my younger years (the X-Files etc.), and has a real feel of excitement that I used to get when reading things like the Alex Rider books - technology, action and drama, along with great characters and their back-stories sitting behind the thrilling narrative in each book. I loved the James Bond/Spectre feel of a shady criminal organisation reappearing and constantly threatening....if you loved the previous 21%Monster books, you won't be disappointed - I can't wait for more!

Check out the other stops on the blogtour for more exclusive content and information about the book.

The Author:

P.J. Canning has a PhD in Chemistry and works in Cambridge. He is married with

three children, all of whom are brutal critics of his work. P.J. heard someone say

"write about what you know", but he prefers to write about aliens and

monsters instead. 21% Monster is his first novel.

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