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A Ship in the Dark - Yarrow Townsend

Anna lives on remote Windrose Island, caring for its birds.
When her stepfather Caleb is arrested for smuggling, she must prove his innocence. The truth may lie on board the Albatross, a missing whaler.
Anna and her friend Mina travel the high seas to find the lost ship before ruthless Society Man, Bartholomew Rime…
But without a map, only migrating birds and the song of whales can show the way.

What a thrilling tale! Smugglers, hidden maps, a dastardly authority figure in pursuit, a quest for a missing Ship with a mystery surrounding it....this is an absolute thriller of a book from Yarrow Townsend, and had me gripped from start to finish.

I especially loved the affinity that Anna has with the sea, and the vivid and atmospheric descriptions of the sea, ships and locations was a highlight of the book as a sea and water lover myself.

Order a copy for yourself and read an extract at:

Find out more about author, Yarrow, at: or via her socials as @yarrowtownsend on X and Instagram

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My thanks to Yarrow, publisher Chicken House and Laura Smythe PR for a copy of the book to review.

Post by Rich Simpson ( @richreadalot) July 2024

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