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Big Sky Mountain: The Forest Wolves - Alex Milway

The fun second book in the 'Big Sky Mountain' series follows Rosa and Grandma Nan's latest adventures on the mountain involving the friends both feathered and furry in the woods around Grandma Nan's log cabin. This time, Rosa is trying to reunite a lost wolf cub with his family, and dealing with the mistrust and misgivings of the other animal characters and their opinions on wolves!

Packed with fun and adventure in the woods, and full of Alex Milway's great illustrations, this is another highly enjoyable visit to Big Mountain that is sure to engage young readers with its lively action, fun and jokes, and the underlying messages of compassion and caring for each other as well. Great characters (both human and animal) as well as descriptions of nature and the environment around Grandma Nan's log cabin - it's a lovely read, and I look forward to more visits in future (arriving by seaplane of course!)

We've been big fans of Alex Milway since discovering the Hotel Flamingo series, and this is another great addition to add to his series...well worth a read for nature and animal lovers 5 and above either together or as a slightly more challenging solo read.

Find out more about the author at his website: or by following his YouTube channel for more videos like the one above!

Thanks to Piccadilly Press for having me on the blogtour and the copy of the book to review.

Find them on Twitter as @PiccadillyPress or via their website:

Review by Rich Simpson (@richreadalot) February 2022. All opinions my own.

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