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Finding Bear - Hannah Gold

So... I've just spent another afternoon in the company of #Bear and April again, in @hannahgold_author 's third book, #FindingBear (out 28th September this year)

The story sees April following a feeling that something is wrong, and returning to Svalbard to reunite with Bear and some other familiar faces from her previous adventures (as well as some new ones!) The Rainbow Wellies, peanut butter and aniseed candy are back, too....

Needless to say, not all goes to plan, and blizzards, getting lost in the wilderness, and another plunge in the ice-cold sea all play part of a race to save a new arrival...a Baby Bear.

In turns action adventure, eco-message/warning, and love story, this had had me smiling in joy at reunions and shedding a tear today at loss, in one of the most-heart-breaking scenes I've read in a book in a long time 💔🐻‍❄

A ROAR of environmental protest and despair, as well as a joyous celebration of the power of love and new beginnings, I loved every single page of this just as much as I did the first book. My thanks to @tinamorie and @HarperCollins for sending me the beautiful proof package for review, and my tree!

I can't wait to see the finished copy, with more brilliant illustrations from @levi_pinfold... the one cover pic on this advance copy is just beautiful!

It's just brilliant. @hannahgold_author has done it again, and dare I say it, maybe even better?!


Review by Rich Simpson, April 2023 for

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