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The Last Girls Standing - Jennifer Duggan


In this queer YA psychological thriller from the author of Some Girls Do and Hot Dog Girl, the sole

surviving counselors of a summer camp massacre search to uncover the truth of what happened

that fateful night, but what they find out might just get them killed.

Sloan and Cherry. Cherry and Sloan. They met only a few days before masked men with machetes

attacked the summer camp where they worked, a massacre that left the rest of their fellow

counselors dead. Now, months later, the two are inseparable, their traumatic experience bonding

them in ways no one else can understand.

But as new evidence comes to light and Sloan learns more about the motives behind the ritual

killing that brought them together, she begins to suspect that her girlfriend may be more than just a survivor―she may actually have been a part of it. Cherry tries to reassure her, but Sloan

only becomes more distraught. Is this gaslighting or reality? Is Cherry a victim or a

perpetrator? Is Sloan confused, or is she seeing things clearly for the very first time? Against

all odds, Sloan survived that hot summer night. But will she survive what comes next?

The very definition of a thriller, this had me gripped from the start and on the edge of (and out of!) my seat on several occasions! With flashbacks, an unreliable narrator and lots of unravelling of the truth behind the shocking events that preceded the story, there is a lot going on here, but that's what makes it such a page turner, with a great and shocking ending! Interesting and unusual characters, twists and terror - this is a great read!

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Review by Rich Simpson (@richreadalot) August 2023

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