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The Nine Night Mystery - Sharna Jackson

Last night Wesley and his friends Josephine and Margot threw their neighbour Rachel a surprise birthday party.
This morning, Rachel is dead.
And Wesley is the one who finds her body.
Rachel's friends throw a traditional Caribbean Nine Night celebration to help guide her soul to the next world. But Wesley, Margot and Josephine don't have time to mourn Rachel. They are determined to find out who did this - and find out what secrets Rachel was keeping...

What a read! This is a hefty handful.of a book, but really didn't feel like it, as the fast pace, twists and turns, and brilliant interactions between the cast of characters make it race along!

From the straight-into-the-action start ( waking up alongside a dead body) to the brilliant cast of characters/suspects, and the constant drip feed of information to add as you try to work it out yourself, this is a book that commands attention and grabs you. As the 'Copseys' ( a gang of mismatched friends thrown together to try and solve a murder) investigate and question, so the reader too, is drawn into trying g to work on 'whodunnit' in this fun snd engaging YA thriller.

I loved the dialogue, the slow reveals and twists, and the humour ( 'Whisper' as a character name and with his behaviour made me laugh out loud!).

A brilliant, complex read, I enjoyed every minute of my time with this, and I'm sure you will too!!

Read a brilliant interview with Sharna about 'Nine Nights' here via this link:

Sharna Jackson is an award-winning author and curator who specialises in developing socially-engaged initiatives for children across culture, publishing and entertainment. She was recently the Artistic Director at Site Gallery in Sheffield, and was formerly the editor of the Tate Kids website.

Sharna's debut novel High-Rise Mystery received numerous awards and accolades including the Waterstones Book Prize for the Best Book for Younger Readers.

Sharna lives on a ship in Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

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