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The Spectaculars - Jodie Garnish

Beyond the gateway, in the Hidden Peaks, live the Spectaculars - magical performers, with special powers gifted from the stars. They can levitate you out of your seat with a song, make a costume that will turn you invisible and create a snowstorm with a dance.
When Harper joins The Spectaculars at their travelling boarding school, she can't wait to learn all kinds of magic. But when the song of the Four Curses comes to life, and a terrifying creature threatens everything, she must use her new powers to save her school...
While dreams come true at the Wondria, nightmares might just be lurking in the wings.

As part of the blogtour for this brilliant book, I am thrilled to be able to share this exclusive extract of Chapter 1. Enjoy!

The Spectaculars PB_extract
Download PDF • 1.45MB

Thanks to the publishers, Usborne ( ), and Kaleidoscopic Book tours ( )

Check out the other stops on the tour for reviews and more content via the details below:

Jodie Garnish is a playwright and performer, usually based in London. She studied Drama at the University of East Anglia before going on to train at Drama Studio London. She has had plays produced at various London theatres and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which were critically acclaimed. Her career as a performer, including in shows designed for young people, has allowed her to shape the world of The Spectaculars, as well as giving her good insight into what young people love.


Blogtour post by Rich Simpson (@richreadalot) March 2023

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