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Traitor- Chris Ryan

A year after his older brother made the ultimate sacrifice, Sergeant Major Luke Carter, decorated hero of 22 SAS, is sent to Australia on a recruiting job. His orders: select two candidates from the SASR for a highly sensitive mission on foreign soil.

But when a sudden crisis threatens to derail the plan, Carter and his new colleagues find themselves forced into action on a high-stakes operation. One that has the potential to change the course of the war in Ukraine.

So begins a deadly game of predator and prey, moving from the streets of Minsk to the cliffs above the Black Sea. And a final showdown with the biggest target of all . . .

This is another brilliant thriller from Chris Ryan, and again clearly shows it'sbeen written by soneone who has walked the way before talking the talk! Full of technical detail and page-turning action, what I love is that it balances accurate action sequences with procedure and description, never straying into unrealism but still being thrilling enough to make the reader feel its a full scale Hollywoodaction blockbuster in can tell Chris Ryan has been involved in TV and on screen production with the fight sequences!

This latest novel is a new, standalone tale, though following on from previous thriller, and stars lead character Sergeant Major Luke Ryan as he fights in the very contemporary and all too relevant setting of Ukraine, trying to change the course of the war.

Full of the usual drama and plot twists, as well as full scale and highly detailed fight and action sequences, this won't fail to please existing fans, or grip new readers of this author's stories!

As a member of a military family myself, I love Chris' books, and am told by serving relatives that they respect and love the honesty and detail they contain as well as the action and adventure.

Highly recommended....this would be a brilliant holiday read alongside the pool or on the plane as you jet off somewhere this summer!

Thanks to Anne at Random Things Tours and publisher Zaffre for a copy of the book to review. Buy your copy via the link at the bottom of this page.

Chris Ryan was born in Newcastle. In 1984 he joined 22 SAS. After completing the year-long Alpine Guides Course, he was the troop guide for B Squadron Mountain Troop. He completed three tours with the anti-terrorist team, serving as an assaulter, sniper and finally Sniper Team Commander. Chris was part of the SAS eight-man team chosen for the famous Bravo Two Zero mission during the 1991 Gulf War. He was the only member of the unit to escape from Iraq, where three of his colleagues were killed and four captured, for which he was awarded the Military Medal. Chris wrote about his experiences in his book The One That Got Away, which became an immediate bestseller. Since then he has written over fifty books and presented a number of very successful TV programmes.


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