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Wendington Jones and the Missing Tree - Daniel Dockery

Wendington Jones has her world abruptly up-ended when her adventuring mother dies in a car crash in late 1920. Left in the care of her Grandmamma and her valet Rohan, Wendington receives a parcel in the middle of the night, seemingly from her dead mother.

It’s half of a manuscript from a book her mother was writing, and describes a mystery surrounding the mythical Tree of Life. When Wendington reads that the tree could have the power to bring her mother back to life, she throws herself into finding the remainder of the manuscript and solving her mother’s mystery. However, her initial attempts are laced with danger. Other people also seek to find the Tree of Life and Wendington has to trick, fight and talk her way out of many perilous situations. Does Wendington have what it takes to complete her mission?

Thanks to UCLan Publishing and Graeme Smith for the spot on the blogtour, and to author, Daniel Dockery for recording audio for whatiread and an upcoming AudioAuthors this space for a link when dates are set.

A real rip-roaring classic adventure, globe-trotting Wendington is a brilliant character, and this book races along as shecseeks treasure and on a more personal level, acceptance and understanding of the loss of her mother.

A thrilling read, this is a gripping page-turner that would be a brilliant KS2 class read, with plenty of scope for discussion of the issues raised ( challenge, friendship, grief) as well as links to the countries and places visited.

Set in the 1920s, the beautiful artdeco cover reflects the scene and time of the tale, and the stru itself reminded me a little of Insiana Jones style adventure quests...I loved it, and hope to read more soon.

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