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What's That - Nigel and Robbie Lungenmuss-Ward

This is a fantastic book which I shared on a screen with a KS1 class this week, and which was thoroughly enjoyed by all of them! They loved the idea of imagining what the scrap of red material could be, and linking some of the ideas the children in the book suggest with stories they already knew. Joining in with the 'What's that', 'Could it be..' and 'Or' was a great activity, and the message of imagination that the authors wanted was definitely carried over into the classroom.

A lovely story to inspire ideas, which is the message that Nigel and Robbie truly believe in and want to share...order a copy now and see for yourself!

Written by father and son pairing, Nigel (author) and Robbie (illustrator), the book is easy to read and look at, with large font to follow/read and bright, engaging illustrations to add to the text. I also loved the addition of ideas and resources at the end for teachers to use with classes reading (it's obvious that Nigel has classroom experience!).

Nigel told me this about the book and the reasons for writing it:

Our new book is all about using your imagination and I promote dreaming big at every opportunity as I believe that Robbie becoming an international selling, published illustrator by the age of 9 is pretty special. If he can do it then so can other children.

You can find out more about the book and author by following Nigel on Twitter as @Nigel_86

Thanks to Nigel and Robbie for sharing a digital copy with me and asking me to be on the blogtour! review by Rich Simpson (@richreadalot) July 2022. All opinions my own.

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